Why choose CloudSquad

The new way of managing your extra mural

CloudSquad - CloudSquad One Platform

One Platform

Our system that can do it all. CloudSquad can manage your member registration, incoming payments and payment reminders.

CloudSquad - CloudSquad Save Time

Saving you time

Through our billing automation and financial mananegment you can keep track of everything with ease. Allowing you to focus on what actually matters.

CloudSquad - CloudSquad Billing


CloudSquad allows you to access your accounts, import bank statements, and invoice your members according to the payment options.

Tailored to your needs

CloudSquad - Art
CloudSquad - Dance
CloudSquad - Karate
CloudSquad - Maths
CloudSquad - Personal Trainer
CloudSquad - Scoccer

Cloud Clubs

A must have online system to meet the needs of any social or sports club. Our easy-to-use registration and administration software provides you with all the right tools to manage players and their enrolments, receive real time analytics and reminders to keep you on top of your admin game.

Cloud Kids

When it comes to managing those pre-primary school or extra mural activities, Cloud Kids provides you with the admin solution you have been looking for. Quick and easy setup and online child enrolment ensures no kid is left out. From automated invoicing to mass emailing, we provide you with an all-in-one admin system that is fully customisable for your administration needs.

Got questions?

Our Squad is on it.

What is CloudSquad?

CloudSquad is a web-based registration, payment and admin platform to simplify the administrative needs of sports clubs and extra mural activity businesses.

How do I get started?

Select your pricing plan and sign up for a free 2 month trial. After a quick registration, our guided tour will help you set up your organisation’s details and pricing structures. Our platform allows you to fully customise the system to suit your organisation’s needs. Once your profile is setup you can start sending out the registration link to your players, members or children.

What is the difference between Kids and Clubs?

While both share the same features, Cloud Kids is customised to perfectly suit your pre-school or dance school, and Cloud Clubs is tailored to the needs of your sports club, social club, or extra mural activities.

Which Price Plan should I sign up for?

Our pricing plans are structured around the number of members in your organisation, so choose the plan that best fits your organisation now or in the near future. If your organisation grows larger than your plan size your plan will automatically be upgraded to allow for the extra members. All our contracts are month to month, and you can always upgrade, or downgrade your plan as needed. You can find more information under Pricing.

How does CloudSquad work?
Start your CloudSquad journey with a quick registration, allowing you to access the system where you can start a guided tour taking you through the system set up. You can customized the system to suite your companies needs. Once you have set up the system you can start registering your students/ members onto the system.
How customisable is CloudSquad?

We designed our platform to be able to cater to a wide variety of organisations, from small art classes to large sports clubs with complex team structures. In order to try accommodate different needs our platform is highly customisable, allowing you to change everything from your registration form to what size of t-shirt a player wears.